CHC-16U/860: 860MHz Active Headend Combiner

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  • 135 Channel frequency range 54~860MHz (CATV 2~13, A1~A5, A~ZZZ, 89~135) - CHC-16U/ 860
  • Adjustable hybrid push-pull amplifier compensates for losses associated with passive combining networks, thereby improving carrier to noise and harmonic distortion
  • High -30dB port-to-port isolation provides spurious carrier protection and minimizes undesired channel interaction, reducing picture distortion
  • Directional coupler design and low insertion loss provide improved carrier to noise, system performance and picture quality
  • -30dB test port provides convenient access for headend testing and system monitoring
  • Auxiliary AC outlet for convenience
Bandwidth (CHC-16U/860) 54~860MHz
Input Level 16 Channels 38dBmV Input Level,
50dBmV Output Level
Isolation (Opposite Ports) 40dB
Isolation (Adjacent Ports) 30dB
Insertion Loss/Gain (max) 6 ~12dB Adjustable
Test Point Loss 20dB
Input Connector Type 75Ω F-Female
Output Connector Type 75Ω F-Female
Voltage Input 115VAC
Input Voltage Frequency 60Hz
Power Required 3 Watts
Operating Temperature -10~50°C
Dimensions 19” (L) x 3” (D) x 1.75” (H)
Weight 4.1 lbs.
Ordering Information
CHC-16U/860860MHz Active Headend Combiner




Pico Digital CHC-16U/860 CHC-16U/860 860MHz Active Headend Combiner Product #: CHC-16U/860